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Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce Engineered hardwood flooring has a layered construction. The top of each plank is 100% wood, available in a variety of species and on-trend styles. The core is 5 to 7 layers of plywood, crisscrossed and bonded together. On the bottom is another layer of wood. At Bruce they make all types of engineered floors to fiy your every need.
Bruce’s layered construction brings additional stability to engineered hardwood, making it less likely to expand and shift from environmental changes—and more appropriate for basements and other challenging installations.
Engineered hardwood is one of the two types of hardwood flooring Bruce® offers. The other is solid hardwood, in which planks are constructed from a single piece of 100% solid wood.

Choose Solid or Engineered Hardwood.

There are two types of hardwood, and both are available in a variety of wood species, colors, styles and levels of durability. Here are some key differences between the two:

Planks are made from a single, solid piece of wood. All Bruce® solid hardwood collections are made in the USA. All of our solid hardwood is from domestically sourced lumber, and many collections feature premium Appalachian hardwood, known for its stability, tightly refined grain, and color consistency.

Planks are multi-layered: a 100% natural hardwood top layer and a strong, stable core of crisscrossed layers of pressed plywood. All Bruce® engineered hardwood collections are made in the USA, from either domestic or global materials. The structure allows engineered flooring to go in some places where solid hardwood can’t, like basements (where air and moisture can cause issues) or over radiant heating systems or concrete floors.

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