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Bruce Laminate Flooring

Bruce Laminate flooring is a name you recognize, simply because Bruce has made flooring for decades. So a Bruce laminate has that same Bruce quality that you have grown to expect. Durable, beautiful and ideal for children and pets. The time when a laminate was just a cheap floor covering are no longer, laminate made under modern standards are just as beautiful as hardwood flooring. So you think laminates are dull and dab not so, with the Bruce laminate flooring collection. You can purchase a laminate with a high gloss finish and add value to any home at a budget price. 

Laminate flooring will last years in your home and is backed with Bruce’s factory warranty. So call us or stop by our showroom at Flooring Depot Of Panama and our highly trained professional sales staff can assist you in making you next Laminate Flooring.

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