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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets are a necessity and every home has them, but not all homes are the same.  A well-designed home will have its kitchen as a design centerpiece with beautiful cabinets leading the charge.  Designing a kitchen can be a gruesome task with all the moldings, base cabinets, wall cabinets, panels.  What goes where, and what size cabinet do you need to fit your kitchen?  Flooring Depot of Panama has the answers to these questions.

You bathroom is an oasis, its your private place away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Bathroom cabinets are the accent piece to that oasis.  Let Flooring Depot of Panama help create a masterpiece

Sized To Fit Just Right

With cabinets, comes countertops, and we are ready to take on any project.  Flooring Depot of Panama carries the most desired countertops in the industry.  From granite to marble, we can accommodate.  Every kitchen and bathroom is different.  So every countertop has to be cut to fit your space and your cabinets.

Featured Looks

White Shaker

The White Shaker by Artisan Mills is a solid maple/birch wood construction.  The face frame is made from solid wood providing durability throughout.  The doors are, well you guessed it, shaker style, resting upon concealed, soft close hinges making door slams almost impossible.   The shaker style is the most used style in the Southeast, making White Shaker an almost guaranteed hit amongst peers and potential home buyers in the future.

Artisan Mill Winchester Grey

Winchester Grey

The Winchester Grey by Artisan Mills is made from a solid maple/birch.  This cabinet would go well in any temporary to modern home.  The door style is a flat panel with a decorative edge.  Simple and precise, but gets the job done.  All door rests on 6 way adjustable soft close concealed hinges.  Perfect to keep kids and husbands from slamming them shut.  The color grey is at the peak of its position as a powerhouse go-to for cabinets and flooring.

Artisan Mills Platinum Shaker Cabinets

Platinum Shaker

The Platinum Shaker by Artisan Mills is the best of both the shaker world and the grey world.  Decked out in grey, this shaker style cabinet will set your kitchen off.  The doors are shaker style, and rest upon the crafty 6 way concealed soft close hinges.  No more cabinet slams now.  Flooring Depot Of Panama has a well trained installation team with countless hours of experience.  We also provide free kitchen layout plans and in home estimates.

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