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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring has been around for centuries, from the Castles of Europe to the rustic frontier of the US. Nothing can replace the pure beauty and uniqueness of the grain and the value it can add to your homes. Today’s hardwood market consists of many styles and colors and ranges from hand scraped to glossy finishes. You can’t go wrong when choosing a hardwood for your home, it will add value, charm and beauty. You can choose a solid or an engineered, both in most case can be refinished if you ever wear the factory finish down. With modern finishes you have 20-50 year warranty because of the polyurethane aluminum oxide.

Imagine your home with a beautiful hardwood floor from one of our many selections like, Bruce, Armstrong or Anderson. Call or come by our showroom and one of our professional sales staff can help you with your decision. According to your sub-floor or floor level, only certain hardwoods can be used. If you are on a concrete slab, only engineered can be used. On a wood subfloor, solid or engineered can be used.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring and Armstrong flooring are just some of the name brands we sell. Anderson Hardwood Flooring is also has a great selection of engineered floors. Anderson has many styles and colors to choose from.

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