It’s Spring, the skies are bluer, and the weather is warmer. April is synonymous with both Spring and with celebrating the gifts that Mother Nature has given us. As we celebrate Earth Day later this month, we pause to appreciate the beauty in nature that we find in our everyday lives. Lots of us want to replicate that natural beauty in our own homes and create something that brings us peace and tranquility in our most personal spaces. Now through eco-friendly products and earthy design, there are many ways to create a beautiful space that honors the natural elements that inspire you.

Florida Tile Ainslee Park Breccia Mist
Florida Tile Ainslee Park Breccia Mist

Committed to Greener, Healthier Flooring Products

More and more flooring manufacturers are focusing on creating greener products, not only for environmental reasons, but also for the health of their customers. They are committed to sustainability by using recycled materials to create new products, decreasing the use of chemicals to reduce indoor emissions, use of more natural raw materials, which reduces their carbon footprint, reducing energy consumption and re-using water. The beneficiary of this effort is not only customers, but the climate and environment as well. They stand committed to doing what they can to preserve the beauty of our planet.

Tile is an Eco-Friendly Choice

If you are looking to choose products that are eco-friendly and offer sustainability, then one of the most beautiful and long-lasting products of choice is tile. Both ceramic and porcelain tile are very environmentally friendly indoors. Because tile gives off little to no Volitive Organic Compounds or VOCs, tile is a healthy and green choice for homeowners, especially if anyone in the home suffers from allergies or asthma. Tile is fired in extremely high temperature kilns, so it eliminates any VOCs in the product, virtually making them non-existent.

Tile comes in a variety of designs and colors and because it is made of raw, natural products, it is made to last. Popular earthy tiles right now are the pebble tile for shower floors or accents in niches. Wood-look tiles also bring a natural element to showers and bathrooms. These wood-look tiles are also great for floors, especially here in Florida, where homeowners are fighting water and sand on a daily basis but need something extremely durable. Even grouts and adhesives are designed by manufacturers to offer zero or very low VOCs so that your home stays as healthy as possible.

Incorporating Mother Earth in Your Design Choices

Another great way to bring the outside in is through design with color and texture. “One of the greatest things about designing with the environment in mind is that you have so much to choose from,” says Kimmy Miller, sales and design consultant for Flooring Depot of Panama City. “Our planet is a beautiful and amazing place and is alive with color and texture. You literally can find inspiration no matter which way you turn. Whether it’s the blues and greens of the ocean here in Panama City Beach or if you prefer the peace and tranquility of the mountains, there are a ton of greens, blues and natural browns that will help you create a relaxing retreat.”

Once you have chosen your colors, then adding texture gives your space dimension and invites touch. Whether in the tile you chose or with rugs, accessories or furniture, texture is a wonderful addition to any room and pulls things together to make a complete and cohesive space.

“There are so many natural products that can be added to your design, from natural stone tile, to stack stone for fireplaces, to pebble tile for showers or kitchen backsplashes, to brick pavers for kitchens and sunrooms, to rock accent tiles, there is an abundance of choices that can add texture and natural drama to your space,” says Miller. “There are so many products that are both eco-friendly that will give the look and feel of nature. Here at Flooring Depot our main showroom has a tremendous number of options to choose from, and we can help you pull together the right materials to help you create a beautiful, lasting and environmentally friendly home.”

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