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Why Choose Hardwood?

Natural beauty, lasting value and durability are just some of the reasons homeowners place hardwood floors at the top of their wish list. With the right care, a hardwood floor will last a lifetime, returning value year after year. Design options in both domestic and exotic wood species present a range of looks, from wide-plank ruggedness to elegant understatement in traditional narrow width.

A hardwood floor alone can be the centerpiece of a beautifully appointed room or a subtle design statement that enhances a theme. One of the best features of hardwood floors is that each one is a unique work of nature’s artistry. No other wood floor will be exactly like yours.
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hardwood flooring
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Types of Hardwood

Hardwood floors come in a variety of species, including trusty domestics like oak, maple & hickory and exotics like tigerwood and Brazilian cherry. Each has its own characteristics. Color, grain pattern, surface knots, edge detail and gloss level are some of the aesthetics available to tailor your floor to your taste and décor.

A wood floor’s hardness rating will help you find a floor that can withstand scuffs, scratches, dents and everyday wear and tear. The hardwood hardness rating is a number based on a species’ resistance to indentation. At the top of the scale is Brazilian walnut (3680) with almost three times the hardness of red oak (1290), the median standard. A soft wood species like yellow pine (690) falls toward the bottom. Hardness ratings are important for active household with kids and pets who can wreak havoc on wood floors over time.

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Solid vs engineered board construction is another important option. Solid wood flooring is 100% of the species from top to bottom. Engineered wood is real wood flooring built in layers bonded together under heat and pressure. The top layer is solid wood showing all the natural characteristics and beauty of the selected species. The multiple sub-layers contribute to a board with greater strength and stability than solid wood.
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Mohawk hardwood flooring
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Best Rooms for Hardwood

Both solid and engineered hardwood floors are designed for lasting beauty and performance but they have different performance attributes affecting where they can be installed. Installation of solid hardwood is recommend for rooms above ground only, and generally not in bathrooms where humidity and pooling water may cause wood to warp.

The unique construction of engineered wood makes it less likely to react to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. So you can install engineered flooring on any level of your home, including dampness-prone places like finished basements.


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