Shower design by Flooring Depot

When Gwen and John Boone walked into Flooring Depot of Panama City on 15th Street, they weren’t sure what they were looking for or what they wanted. They had been putting off updating their condo’s master bathroom since moving from Chicago to Panama City Beach in May 2021. But when they came into the store, they ran into exactly what they had been looking for—help. They talked with Kimmy Miller, a design and sales associate at Flooring Depot, and knew instantly that they had found someone who could help bring their likes, wants, and vision to life.

“We were so lost,” says Gwen. “And Kimmy had a lot of ideas and pulled things together so well. It’s been amazing. This was the first place that we went where someone could help us with the puzzle that was our master bathroom.”

Kimmy is no stranger to designing. She was co-owner of a renovation and design business prior to coming to Flooring Depot in September of 2021. “I love seeing the relief on the customer’s face when they find someone who can help them,” says Miller. “I get a lot of satisfaction in helping them create a space that they can feel comfortable in and that they can call home.”

Flooring and shower design by Flooring Depot

Design Services

Flooring Depot has been helping customers create their dream spaces since opening in 2018. Because there are so many choices—not just in color or style, but material, brand, and texture, having someone there to help guide customers gives them a sense of relief.

“People usually know what they like. They just aren’t sure how to pull it all together to create a complete look,” says Miller, noting that she has spoken with quite a few customers that are still struggling with Hurricane Michael renovations. “We have some customers who need to tie the old part of their home to the new part of it to make it look cohesive, and we have been able to do that.”

Kimmy loves to design and has a good eye that’s helpful in creating spaces for clients. “My role is to help you coordinate the elements of your design from the flooring to the tile in your kitchen or bathroom. I can also help you with accessories, furniture, master bedroom spaces, area rugs, paint colors, and all that goes into the home. I focus more on aesthetics and helping the homeowners create a finished product that they will love.”

Almost all customers needing design come into our main showroom with samples of their space, but some need that extra touch and want someone to view their home personally. “There are some people that are very early in the process, and they are trying to figure out what they want or how they want to lay out their space, so I can go to their home and tell them what would look good in the space and see what their vision is. This gives them a good idea of how to move forward, what type of materials they are looking for and like, and then what their next steps are.”

If customers are looking for help choosing the perfect flooring, all the sales professionals at Flooring Depot can help customers with choosing the best flooring for their space.  “All of our staff are trained in listening to the customer and helping them choose products that work best for each of them,” says Kristen Carter-Rowell, sales manager at Flooring Depot.

Wainscoting installed by Flooring Depot

“The design that Kimmy does is a little more involved, where she is looking at the entire space, accessories, furniture, and other aspects that the homeowner needs. It is important to note that there is an extra charge for these design services,” says Carter-Rowell. “With a team versed in both flooring and aesthetics, we are confident we have created a one-two punch that will help homeowners create their dream home.”

For more information or to schedule a design appointment, please contact the Flooring Depot of Panama City showroom at 850.785.2216.