Dream Weaver Carpet

Dream Weaver Carpet

Dream Weaver Carpet is produced by Engineered Floors LLC® which is one of the largest and fastest-growing carpet mills in the world. They began production in 2009 with the most modern, eco-friendly equipment, facilities, and processes, as well as some of the most talented people in the industry. Enigineered Floors serves the needs of the floor covering specialty retailer with our Dream Weaver® brand; the new home builder with our DWellings® brand; property owners and managers of multifamily housing with our Engineered Floors® Multifamily brand; and the commercial market with our


Our proprietary Pure Color solution-dyed fiber is superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers. Imagine the difference between a carrot and radish.

The color on traditional carpet fibers sits on top like the red skin of a radish

With PureColor, the color penetrates the fiber like the orange of a carrot
Doesn’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight
Won’t wear, even in high-traffic areas and has built-in soil resistance
Won’t bleach from spot cleaning, even with household cleaners

Resists staining, even from things like red wine, chocolate and pet stains



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