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Shaw Luxury Vinyl

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank has varying degrees of high-tech embossing to create luxurious wood looks …

Light texturing adds interest and a subtle appearance, like that of wire-brushing
Medium-level embossing creates the character, especially following the grain pattern in “species” with lots of movement
Heavy embossing creates the look of hearty, substantial “hand-scraping” which makes Shaw Luxury Vinyl one of the top on the market.

Image result for shaw luxury vinyl room scenes

True-to-life texture characterizes Shaw’s stone visuals, resulting in significant clarity of design and color …
Light embossing achieves the gentle detail seen in smoother stone looks, like granite or concrete
Medium to heavy embossing is used to mimic the appearance of clefted or roughly hewn stone.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl will give you the look and the durability you need. When you invest in your home, it’s one of the most important investments you will ever make, make it count with Shaw Luxury Vinyl.

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